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Melbourne Golf ClubIn  1893  The first Electric Tram Service Was Opened In Sydney

The First  Golfing  Visitor to the Colony was  the secretary of the Colombo Golf Cub

A Keen Not to say  A   Fanatical Golfer,Looking forward to four Months of Solid Golf

He  arrived in Australia with Unbounded Enthusiasm, and a good supple of ”Gutties”

But from a Golfing Viewpoint he Returned to Ceylon   a Disappointed  Man

To His Disgust The Only Places , He Could Play Golf  Were  Melbourne and Adelaide


In N S W Although it was Perfect for Golf Links the people were more interested

In Growing Wool and Beef on it Than Using it for Golf an Attitude that he not only

Found Impossible to Understand But Heartily Condemned

So he went back to his Billet Sat down ,Because his holiday had been Ruined

He expressed What he felt in an Article he wrote titled “GOLF IN AUSTRALIA”

This Article is interesting Because it has Graphic Descriptions of Two Early Golf Courses

it also Illustrates how much Ignorance  About The Game there was  at that time in Australia.


He said the ST ANDREWS of this Colony Victoria, Is the MELBOURNE GOLF CLUBMelbourne Golf Club

Which is  a Well- Established  and well filled Club and possesses a very fine

Natural Course over an undulating ground of 18 Holes there is a comfortable club house

An  Imported Green Keeper who is also a” Sister of Mercy” To Maimed or Broken Clubs

The Links were at Caulfield which is some 5 or 6 Miles From Melbourne by Rail and

which boasts one of the Finest Raceourses in the” Sunny South”

The Hazards are Roads Course Jungle,a Brook, Mud Banks, and Ditches

The Ground is Heavy Going in Places and the Putting Greens Far from Good

But on the whole the Course is very Sporting and a day`s Golfing on it was most Enjoyable

When I reached Adelaide I  played a  Game Of 9 Holes  At the Adelaide Golf Club

Which had only just started the Course is a rough one of 9Holeswith hard Nubbly ground

and “Wobbly” Putting Greens reminds me of What Mr Horatio Gordan  Hutchinson calls

A “Park” or “Paddock” Links.

I Heard That One of the   Professors  of the Sydney University Had started a links

The Links Course was  the Royal Sydney Golf Club which were laid out at at Bondi

Which were Playable in October that Year .What i did not know was that a Golf Club

Did exist before Royal Sydney Golf Club was Formed. It was the Australian Golf Club

Which was established in 1882 which lost it`s links near Centennial Park 1888

And Slept until 1895 But Golf Was Played in Australia many Years before that

Way back in 1847 and between that year and the Establishment of the Three

Major Australian Clubs,The Royal Melbourne,Royal Sydney and the Australian Golf Club.

Several other clubs flourished Briefly and Died.  Right in the heart of Busy Melbourne

There is a Tiny Area of Parkland crowded in on all sides by Buildings and is Disturbed

By the noise of Trams, Buses,and all other Traffic that Speeds around it.

Is the Flag Staff Gardens which to Australian Golfers it should be Hallowed Ground

For it was in This Place that Golf was FIRST  Played on the Continent of Australia in 1847.

 By Bob  Raisbeck.


images steets of melbourne

images 1860 golf

Playing Golf in The !800`s



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