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Day accepted the notion that there were two of him playing the third round

a dude spraying it off the tee and another cleaning it up.

It was bit like an alternate ball foursome teaming Dr Jekyll with Mr Hyde.

Adam Hadwin was Day’s playing partner but he claims they barely saw each other —

saying hello on the greens. Jason claimed he walked a ten miles to complete 18 holes, and in the heat it must’ve felt that way.

And yet he shot a 70. You’d sooner get an oyster off a rock than lever this guy off a leaderboard.

He fought like an alley cat, and it was obvious that most players hitting so badly off the tee would be flat breaking 80.

“When I stand over it, is have no clue where it’s going,” he said.

Yet when he stood over putts, the feeling is exactly the opposite.index Great Shot Jason

The count of 25 putts over his second round tells the story. On the greens, he is an assassin.

If Jason can get it together off the tee, and Adam remain thought-free, the Barclays final round could be very interesting.



IT remains to be seen whether Adam Scott’s spectacular third round of 65 at the Barclays is a major turning point.bed6cd38d3bad4e5978da12cbbf89166 Adams Head

What we do know is that it was triggered by a smaller change the previous day.

On the fifteenth hole, Adam stopped thinking.

“ I mean, to just forget about everything with the putting — technical and feel and anything —

and just kind of look and stroke and not care where it went to be the answer is nice, because I don’t think there’s any major issues.”

Asked if this moment was an epiphany, Scott admitted that standing over a putt, he suddenly set himself free.

I just thought what difference does it make if I hit this past the hole, because I’ve left every putt short and if it goes past, it might go in.”

This is interesting news from Scott, who’s relationship with the flat blade has deteriorated steadily since the US Masters.

He says it has “drifted into the ordinary


download Adam Lines up pne of his Putts



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